October 16th, 2010

Dream Evolver Series

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Dreams are real while they last — can we say more of life?

-Havelock Ellis

Vivid Dreamscape
I have been researching and experimenting with dreams for the last decade. I have focused primarily on lucid dreaming (being aware you are dreaming while dreaming), dream recall, and dream interpretation. I have also tried many supplements to improve my sleep quality, dream recall, and dream vividness. I am excited to share my explorations on Life Evolver. Over the next several months, the majority of my posts will focus on dreaming.

Why should you be interested in the dreaming world?

Life is short. And on average, you will spend over one third of your already-short life asleep. Can your sleep time be tapped in to and put to better use? Or are you better off not tampering with it? After all, maybe we aren’t supposed to remember our dreams.

Growing up in Western culture, I never learned to put much value on my dreams. Unless I had a bad nightmare or extremely weird dream, I rarely thought or talked about my dreams. When I first began experimenting with dreams, I wasn’t sure if I could make better use of my sleep time. But after experimenting for a while I became convinced of it. Dreams have offered me new insight, opportunities for personal growth, and fun. This has led to a positive impact on my waking life.

Dream Evolver Series Posts

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